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Charlotte Alexis and Totti

7ème Festival de Stars de la Magie
et des Etoiles du Cirque

(Fay aux Loges - France)

from 6th until 8th March 2020

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Totti Show

L'heritage des clowns
Cinema-Theatre Apollo
(Valence d'Agen - France)

from 22nd until 23rd February 2020

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Charlotte Alexis and Totti

5ème Festival MondoClowns
(Marmande - France)

from 7th until 9th February 2020

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Charlotte Alexis and Totti

(Dresden - Germany)

from 18th December until 5th January 2020

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Charlotte Alexis and Totti

(Valence d'Agen - France)

from 29th November until 15th December

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Totti Alexis

18ème Festival International du Cirque
de Mureaux

(Les Mureaux - France)

from 12th until 13rd October 2019

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Totti Alexis

Gran Circo de Rusia

from July 11th 2019

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Totti Alexis

Dresdner Weihnachtscircus

from December 18th to January 5th 2020

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Totti Alexis

8th Festival International
du Cirque de Bayeux


from 25th to 31st March 2019

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Totti Alexis

The Totti Show
Cupula de les Arts


Sunday 17th February 2019 - 12.00h


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Totti Alexis

27th Festival International
du Cirque de Massy


from 10th to 13th January 2019

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We've always worked for the audience.

The result was that we've reached their hearts, and got all the love back!

"Prix du Public"
at the 27th circus festival of Massy!
Voted directly by the audience thru an App
(for the first time ever at a circus festival).

App invented by Mr. Karl Lassus
Photo: Christian Sudre

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Totti Alexis

Landauer Weihnactscircus
Landau (Germany)

from 21st December 2018 to 6th January 2019

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Charlie & Charlotte Alexis

On the cover of

"Comentarios de CHAPITÔ" N°28

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Totti Alexis

Nöel en Cirque
Valence d'Agen (France)

from 30th November to 16th December 2018

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The Totti Family

Zippo's Circus

from March to November 2018

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Totti Alexis

Bouglione on tour

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me on

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